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Healthcare Technology

Hawking Healthcare Technology develops software for the mental health, youth and disability care sectors, health insurers and governments around the world.

Modern approach

Our applications are designed to make therapy more efficient, exceptionally insightful and fully transparent. We achieve this through modern user interface design, digital intelligence and the use of intuitive applications. Among other things, these tools provide insight into the safety and effectiveness of a wide variety of treatment programmes and enable you to make complex analyses in a user-friendly way and easily put them into practice.

Simplify treatment

Based on the data generated by our applications, optimising existing treatments becomes easier and more result oriented. The combination of data and smart technology (artificial intelligence) enables healthcare providers to develop hyper-personalised treatments and even predictions for their clients.

In addition, the real-time and real-world dashboards provide insurers and government with full transparency on treatment effectiveness. This allows for smarter procurement, which can significantly reduce healthcare costs.


Our software suite for the mental health, youth and disability care sectors, health insurers and governments around the world.

Our applications are designed to make monitoring treatments more efficient, clear and detailed. We achieve this through modern user interface design and the use of Big Data and smart applications. Among other things, these tools provide insight into the safety and effectiveness of a wide variety of treatment programmes.


Optimising care


Human focused


Compare healthcare providers


Online fellowship

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Optimizing care

With Discovery, the registration time of inpatient, outpatient and online healthcare treatments is reduced by more than half. It is one of the most intelligent and user-friendly registration systems in the world, and much more than that. Feeding Discovery with information from the client and healthcare professionals provides insight into treatment effectiveness at the individual and group level.


Provide the best treatment for each individual

By combining all this information, the system is able to create algorithms and make predictions about the course of the treatment. This allows continuous and real-time optimisation to provide the best treatment for each individual. Discovery thus contributes enormously to a very safe treatment environment.

Full insight in the effectiveness of procured care

Using Discovery, healthcare providers can provide full insight to governments and health insurers about the effectiveness of procured care. This allows joint sustainable decisions to be made for the future.

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HoneyGrid ™
Human focused

Honeygrid avoids focusing on diagnosis and shifts the focus to what really matters: the client. Psychiatrists, doctors and practitioners use Honeygrid to quickly and efficiently visualise complaints and discover patterns in half the time. This allows them to see at a glance what the focal points are for treatment.


Visualise client progress

Based on a scientific model, Honeygrid uses multiple snapshots to visualise clients' progress. Honeygrid enables you as an organisation to offer the right treatment for the right pattern of symptoms. It also allows healthcare professionals to conduct peer analyses with similar case histories.

Focus on what matters

Fast, effective and focused on what really matters.

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Structured data for sustainable care

Analytica is the first structured data platform that offers government institutions and healthcare insurers complete insight into the effectiveness of procured mental healthcare services, youth care, and care for the disabled. In short, it shows how people’s health effectively improves per euro spent.


Merging care data

Analytica shows how effective and efficient the provided care services from the contracted healthcare organisations actually are based on public data, data shared by care providers, data voluntarily shared by clients, and data on claims shared by healthcare insurers and government institutions.

Compare efficiency

Subsequent data comparison between the different healthcare organisations shows which care offers the most efficient results.

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For help and to help others

The Campfire app makes online self-help groups available to clients who have gone through clinical treatment for mental health, addiction or behavioural problems. In the app, (former) clients find a large network of peers and can connect with someone who understands and/or recognises that situation.


Recover as a community

With the app, they can share, help others themselves and, above all, give back what they themselves have received within their treatment and recovery.

Effective aftercare

The care organisation can offer the Campfire app as an extension or addition to the aftercare programme, to make it even more effective.

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